Stronger Together - 100% Profits Donated

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Our hearts are breaking along with each and every other Nova Scotian. 

We have decided to re-release our tartan heart design and donate 100% of the profits to  the Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund. We will post the running tally of donations on our website, in our newsletters and on our social media.

CURRENT DONATIONS TO DATE (May 2, 2020) - $225

"We can honour the victims, their families and loved ones by hanging tartan and blue scarves and ribbons from our trees, windows and balconies. It’s a way to show our strength and our love for one another. It’s a way to come together while staying apart"

These particular items are excluded from our SPRING SALE in order to donate the most amount to those who need it. We have a limited amount of these decals at the moment since we are using what we have here, but we may be able to order more.

Baby sizes (Nb, 6M, 12) are onesies. Toddler Sizes (2T, 3T, 4T 5/6T) are t-shirts

Love, the Maritimes (our slogan) has never felt more true, and we hope this can help you spread the love, and the prayers to help us all heal. 

Amanda and Stacy

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